Monday, November 28, 2011

San Diego

I'm an Honorary Member of the Mormon Battalion!

Visiting the Church's little site in Old Town San Diego was just one of many fun things my family did this weekend. I loved every minute of the presentation and learned a lot from these faithful people even the second time around. I wish I had my purse so I could have written down some of the things I loved but I didn't, so here they are out of my memory:

The pioneers left their homes and turned and faced a future of uncertainty. But they turned and faced it with faith, knowing everything would be ok.

Faith- sometimes you need it to make a decision. And sometimes you need it even more after.

The other thing I loved is that these men were so reluctant to enlist in the Army. The government who had not protected their rights just months before was now asking for their help. It'd be a rough and hard decision but after the Prophet, Brigham Young, told them that he thought it was a good idea they quickly stood up and volunteered.

The Mormon Batallion and Brigham Young believed that the government enlisting their men for a sum of money was an answer to their prayers. How often do we look at hard things, like having to separate from our families, as an answer to our prayers? I sure don't. You see how incredible these people were?

Needless to say, I am so grateful for these incredible ancestors and history that I have! Their actions of faith in the past, continue to help and strengthen me in the future.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tonight when I was driving home, a black cat began to cross the road.

I started to slow down so I didn't hit the cat, when that darn cat stopped on the median and sat down, allowing me to pass without crossing my path.

Does that mean I'll have good luck or something?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mother knows best

Today I was one, impulsive, credit card swipe away from buying a rundown, tandem bike for $175 from a cute consignment shop on the Boulevard.
I adore these bikes! So when I saw it on the sidewalk- I thought I had to have it. So I did what most girls my age would do:
1. Call dad. There's a small chance he'll offer to pay for it. 
And you can ask him if he thinks it's a wise investment.
2. Call mom. You need her permission to store it in her garage. And again- ask if its a good idea.
When neither of them answer-

3. You continue to call/text the other people who you trust to tell you if it is worth it or not- Your sisters. Both of my older and wiser sisters suggested I pass on this one.
I value their opinions, but I was willing to ignore them if either one of my parents thought I should get it.
I sent a text to both of my parents. I told them about the situation, obsession, and desire.

My mom's reply was a disappointing, yet simple

I changed the situation a little bit and sent it back. Once again
I replied with "I really want to get it." Did she know how happy this would make me?

I was crushed. I would not get the bike of my dreams. I thought I would never have another opportunity like that again. Etc. It seems these kind of experience seem to keep occurring in my life- You know the you-think-one-thing-and-your-mom-thinks-another kind of experience? I think that is why I decided to go with my mom on this one. I've learned from many past experiences that "Mother knows best."

I ultimately decided to wait until I had an eternal companion (or at least a boyfriend) to share it with.
Like these cute pictures:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Found by searching "old red tandem bike" on Google and Pinterest. Awesome.

Although I'm 100% certain I'll own one in the future-
Good call mom. I could almost feel the buyer's remorse. You rock!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Stalker Gone Blogger

"The Camille Project" is the ongoing process of a blonde-haired,
 blue-eyed, 5'2", college student living through the decade of decisions. 
This is where I'll record my latest happenings (that's a given),
accomplishments (of course!), opinions (I apologize in advance), feelings (not too personal),
loves (see last comment), and dislikes.
Every choice I make, lesson I learn, experience I have, molds and shapes me to who I am today
and will continue to become.

I am just one
 extremely large

And I'll be honest- I can not wait to see the finished product!
Hello Blogging world! It's nice to meet you.