Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mother knows best

Today I was one, impulsive, credit card swipe away from buying a rundown, tandem bike for $175 from a cute consignment shop on the Boulevard.
I adore these bikes! So when I saw it on the sidewalk- I thought I had to have it. So I did what most girls my age would do:
1. Call dad. There's a small chance he'll offer to pay for it. 
And you can ask him if he thinks it's a wise investment.
2. Call mom. You need her permission to store it in her garage. And again- ask if its a good idea.
When neither of them answer-

3. You continue to call/text the other people who you trust to tell you if it is worth it or not- Your sisters. Both of my older and wiser sisters suggested I pass on this one.
I value their opinions, but I was willing to ignore them if either one of my parents thought I should get it.
I sent a text to both of my parents. I told them about the situation, obsession, and desire.

My mom's reply was a disappointing, yet simple

I changed the situation a little bit and sent it back. Once again
I replied with "I really want to get it." Did she know how happy this would make me?

I was crushed. I would not get the bike of my dreams. I thought I would never have another opportunity like that again. Etc. It seems these kind of experience seem to keep occurring in my life- You know the you-think-one-thing-and-your-mom-thinks-another kind of experience? I think that is why I decided to go with my mom on this one. I've learned from many past experiences that "Mother knows best."

I ultimately decided to wait until I had an eternal companion (or at least a boyfriend) to share it with.
Like these cute pictures:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Found by searching "old red tandem bike" on Google and Pinterest. Awesome.

Although I'm 100% certain I'll own one in the future-
Good call mom. I could almost feel the buyer's remorse. You rock!

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