Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Boy do I need to blog more! I've failed to post so many things that instead of trying to play catch up, I'm just going to start doing better. 

I'm a little fast on the post but I want to talk about Valentines Day. And I'll try to post another one on the actual "Holiday."
Yes, I did put quotes around the holiday part because I don't really consider Valentines Day an actual holiday, however, I think it is retarded when people (mostly girls) go off on how much they hate "Singles Awareness Day."

Although Valentines is always way better when you have a special someone to spend it with- What's wrong with having a day dedicated to love?
I know I am perfectly capable of doing this any day of the year, but I appreciate having a day where I can send a letter to, give a package to, or make some treats for the people who I really love and care for and aren't just my boyfriend.
Not to mention how much I enjoy dressing in red hues.

So everyone, Happy Valentines Day from apartment 53!
We hope you have a fantastic day of love!